Roman Priest Flamen Poser Clothing Set 3d models 

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3D Models Roman Priest Flamen Poser Clothing Set  
3D Model Information   Product ID: 78361
Keywords: ancient, roman, priest, clothing, toga, flamen, dialis, martialis, knife, secespita, weapon, rome, shoe, flamines, apex, james, apparel
Author: SmartCGArtII
Added on: 6/10/2009
Category: 3D Models > Characters / People > Clothing / Accessories
Summary: Roman Priest Flamen Poser Clothing Set 3D Models
Accurate reconstruction of the Ancient Rome Priest Flamen Props Set: Galerus, Toga, Tunica, Laena, Secespita, Calcei Roman shoes. POSER Props have BONES Set as Conforming Objects for 'James' [Poser 6-7 and up]. Also Dynamic Toga-Laena. Free Wallpaper
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Also available in a collection
This product is also available in a collection
Product ID: 263990
Ancient Rome Mega Pack 1

Available files and versions
Cinema 4D (.c4d) - Version: C4D 6 to 13 @ 13.1Mb
3D Studio (.3ds) - Version: 3DS @ 11.2Mb
Object (.obj) - Version: OBJ @ 4.5Mb
Vue dEspirit (.vue) - Version: VUE6-7-8-9-10 @ 16.4Mb
Poser Scenes (.pz3) - Version: POSER 6-7 up @ 11.3Mb
Poser Scenes (.pz3) - Version: Toga Dynamic Guide @ 582 Bytes

Includes all formats listed above. Download instantly after purchase.

Geometry: Polygonal
Polygons: 333750
Vertices: 170620
Textures (?): Yes
Materials (?): Yes
Animated: No
Jointed: Yes

Available images
3D Models, Textures, and Stock Photography ArchaeoSysRmFlamenPriestA.jpg
3D Models, Textures, and Stock Photography Flamen-D001.jpg
3D Models, Textures, and Stock Photography Flamen-E001.jpg
3D Models, Textures, and Stock Photography Flamen-F001.jpg
3D Models, Textures, and Stock Photography Flamen-G001.jpg
3D Models, Textures, and Stock Photography Flamen-H001.jpg
3D Models, Textures, and Stock Photography Flamen-A002.jpg
3D Models, Textures, and Stock Photography Flamen-B003.jpg
3D Models, Textures, and Stock Photography Flamen-C003.jpg
3D Models, Textures, and Stock Photography Flamen-I002.jpg

Full description
The Perfect Model for Real Ancient Roman Environment Rendering!

Accurate reconstruction of the typical Roman Priest Flamen Props Set:
A-Flamen typical cap Galerus with Apex;
B-Flamen Laena with Fibula;
C-Flamen Toga Praetexta;
D-Flamen Tunica;
E-Flamen Subligaculum;
F-Flamen typical Calcei 'shoes';
G-Flamen typical Commetaculum typical wood stick;
H-Flamen typical long knife Secespita for the sacrifices.

The Four Complete Models come with:
Complete materials and Textures [28 textures].

The POSER FILES have already the BONE STRUCTURE SET COMPLETE and are perfectly conforming with the POSER Character 'JAMES' [Poser 6-7 and up]. Just Load them, Set Conform to... and start using them. The Laena and the Toga Praetexta come also as DYNAMIC Props for Hi-Definition Animations and Renderings.

All the models are HI-DEF and so are perfect for every type of shot, also Details and Close-Ups.

These models are useful for many types of sceneries, ancient sceneries but also modern ones, as for Roman re-enactment.

* The Ancient Roman Purple colour was mainly a Red Colour as it is possible to see on the ancient frescoes with Toga Praetexta representations. But it is true that Ancient Roman Purple Colour was not a unique colour, since the preparation of this type of colour implied different levels of 'purple' red saturation: see Pliny the Elder.

The Archaeo.Sys 3D series is developing high-fidelity 3D reconstruction of Objects, Architecture and Scenes from Classical Greek and Roman Antiquity.