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Keywords: 3dr142, 3ds, animals, platypus, fur, small, Australia, mammal, aquatic, endemic, Tasmania, extant, monotremes, duck, iconic, symbol, duck-billed, beak, wild
Category: 3D Models
Summary: Platypus 3D Models
A photorealistic platypus
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Full description
This model is a part of Misc_animals_collection. The Platypus is a semi-aquatic mammal endemic to eastern Australia, including Tasmania. Together with the four species of echidna, it is one of the five extant species of monotremes, the only mammals that lay eggs instead of giving birth to live young.
The platypus is the animal emblem of the state of New South Wales.
Optimized for the medium resolution render medium shots. The topology is optimized for animation. Model is made with great attention to small details. Vray & standart versions.

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