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3D Models Dreamscape DC-3 Bare Metal

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Keywords: airplane, aircraft, commercial, passenger, airliner, airline, douglas, dc3, skytrain, dakota, r4d, c47, propeller, textures, bare, metal, generic, unmarked
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Summary: Dreamscape DC-3 Bare Metal 3D Models
The legendary Douglas DC-3 is still in service after nearly 70 years of continuous use.
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Full description
It was designed at the height of the depression and in the infancy of the Airline Industry by Douglas. It carried 34 passengers in more comfort than previous airliners. It was faster, more efficient and safer. It was purchased by many airlines all around the world. Production was diverted during World War II to the C-47 military version and many civilian airliners were converted to the military requirements for use during the war. After the war, most of the DC-3s and C-47s were returned to civilian and commercial use and others were sold to allied air forces around the world. The DC-3 once again was carrying paid passengers and was still in service carrying passengers in the 1970s with a few airlines. Today the DC-3s are relegated to aircraft museums, graveyards and occasionally a charter outfit still carrying cargo in them.

This model was built very near to scale in 2007. It has been rebuilt and re-textured and upgraded Aug 2012. The fuselage, wing, tail and rudder were all geometrically improved a great deal. It is a high poly model and includes a lot of detail. The rotating beacons, beacon lights, navigation lights and additional detailing in the tail and rudder have been included in this updated and upgraded model. The engines are modeled and add depth to the model. The model is fully textured including rivet patterns. All control surfaces including elevators, rudder, ailerons and split flaps are animateable as is the landing gear and landing gear doors. The propellers are animated. The model is now available in many formats for your immediate downloading. Textures and materials and available for immediate downloading and are included as shown on this profile. New renderings in much higher quality have been produced to show you the extra effort that went into this model. There are 50 plus liveries to choose from.