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3D Models Roman Legionnaire Sword  
3D Model Information   Product ID: 48369
Keywords: sword, roman sword, gladiator, warrior, knight, ancient weapon, roman legionnaire, short sword
Author: Tubal-Cain
Added on: 5/14/2008
Category: 3D Models > Weapons / Armor > Melee > Cutting
Summary: Roman Legionnaire Sword 3D Models
The standard-issue Roman short-sword given to legionaries during the conquests of Julius Caesar.
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This product is also available in a collection
Product ID: 223118
Weapons Ultra

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3D Studio (.3ds) - 5Kb

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Geometry: Polygonal
Polygons: 167
Vertices: 197
Textures (?): Yes
Materials (?): No
Animated: No
Jointed: No

Available images
3D Models, Textures, and Stock Photography romansword2.jpg
3D Models, Textures, and Stock Photography romansword1.jpg

Full description
When you're advancing against berserk hordes of barbarians, you want protection.This was provided for the Roman soldiers by a hefty square shield covering the entire body.Problem: it's impossible to swing a large sword freely when one hand is occupied by a heavy hunk of metal.Also, there's not enough room for every soldier to have their own longsword when packed into a tight battle formation.Solution: a short sword that can stab at the enemy from behind the shield.