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Tutorial LWCAD 3.6 Modeling Tools Volume #3  
Tutorial Information   Product ID: 471618
Keywords: lightwave, 3d, modeling, lwcad, modeler, tutorial, video, training
Author: adamgibson
Added on: 6/18/2011
Category: Tutorials > Lightwave
Summary: LWCAD 3.6 Modeling Tools Volume #3 3D Tutorial
LWCAD 3.6 Modeling Tools Volume #3-by Adam Gibson
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Also available in a collection
This product is also available in a collection
Product ID: 701699
Lightwave Version 9 and 10 Complete Tutorial Collection

Available files and versions
AVI (.avi) - 221.7Mb

User level: Novice

Full description
LWCAD 3.6 Modeling Tools Volume #3-by Adam Gibson

In this third volume on LWCAD 3.6 Instructor Adam Gibson introduces the Lightwave 3D student to the essentials required to using this powerful modeling plug-in. LWCAD is known for it's architectural time-saving modeling tools. Introduction to LWCAD's advanced modeling tools is covered in great detail. This third volume is a must to able to get you up and started using LWCAD's core modeling tools.

Table of Contents for LWCAD 3.6 Modeling Tools Volume #3

Chapter 1- Intro

Chapter 2- Circle Tool Part One

Chapter 3- Circle Tool Part Two

Chapter 4- Ellipse Tool

Chapter 5- Rectangle Tool

Chapter 6- Rec3p Tool

Chapter 7- NGon Tool

Chapter 8- Star Tool

Chapter 9- Box Tool

Chapter 10- Box3p Tool

Chapter 11- Arc Section Tool

Chapter 12- Cylinder Tool

Chapter 13- Pyramid Tool

Chapter 14- Tube Tool

Chapter 15- Final

Running Time: 2 hrs.

Level: Beginner

Screen Resolution: 1440 x 900 pixels

Format: MP4 Video .mp4