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3D Models Gargoyle  
3D Model Information Product ID: 440776
Keywords: fantasy, animal, architecture, gargoyle, roof, spooky
Author: bimm3d
Added on: 3/19/2011
Downloads: 17
Category: 3D Models > Architecture > Statue / Sculpture
Summary: Gargoyle 3D Models
Gargoyle for houses, bridges and fences
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Available files and versions
Object (.obj) - 2.2Mb

Geometry: Polygonal
Polygons: 59964
Vertices: 29984
Textures (?): No
Materials (?): Yes
Animated: No
Jointed: No

Available images
3D Models, Textures, and Stock Photography gargui.jpg
3D Models, Textures, and Stock Photography gargui2.jpg