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3D Models Female Low Polygon  
3D Model Information Product ID: 39429
Keywords: blender, 3d, low, polygon, female
Author: cthames | Author's web site
Added on: 10/16/2007
Downloads: 1072
Category: 3D Models > Characters / People > Human / Person > Adult Female Nude
Summary: Female Low Polygon 3D Models
A free low polygon female game model.Blender 3D.blend file.

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Available files and versions
Blender (.blend) - Version: 2.45 @ 57Kb

Geometry: Polygonal
Polygons: 906
Vertices: 864
Textures (?): No
Materials (?): No
Animated: No
Jointed: No

Available images
3D Models, Textures, and Stock Photography FemaleFront.JPG
3D Models, Textures, and Stock Photography FemaleSideJPG.JPG

Full description
Released under Creative Commons Attribution License.This means that you can use the models for both personal and commercial projects.All that I ask is that you give me credit and don't claim them as your own.