Adelaide Class Frigate FFG44 HMAS Darwin 3d models 

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3D Models Adelaide Class Frigate FFG44 HMAS Darwin

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Summary: Adelaide Class Frigate FFG44 HMAS Darwin 3D Models
The Adelaide class of Guided missile frigate were a class built partially in the United States for the Australian Navy.
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Full description
These frigates were an important part of the Australian Navy until their replacement by the new Hobart Class Destroyers. The 6 ships of this class include:

HMAS Adelaide FFG-17, FFG01
HMAS Canberra FFG-18, FFG02
HMAS Sydney FFG-35, FFG03
HMAS Darwin FFG-44, FFG04
HMAS Newcastle FFG05
HMAS Melbourne FFG06

These ships included much the same armament as the Perry Class but were modified to meet Australian requirements. The Typhoon Gun was also added to the after corners of the hanger for additional aerial defense. They are also equipped with SM-2 missil, 3 in automated gun, and Harpoon missiles.

These models are built near to scale and include a lot of details. In addition, these models are textured and come with all materials and textures. These models are also available in multiple formats and ready for your downloading.