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Product Reviews Cinema 4D R9 Review

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Cinema 4D R9 review. You can read the text version below or download the PDF or Word DOC to read the complete review with images.
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Cinema 4D has long been a favorite here at When you compare its features, ease of use, speed, and price you really begin to understand just how good this software is. With the latest R9 release, things have only gotten better. For this review we will mainly concentrate on all of the cool new features added to R9.

Keep in mind that C4D is a very modular program so you can purchase a basic version of C4D (which is still full of features) and then scale up as needed. You could also purchase the entire suit of components right from the start to get things like Body Paint and all of the other high end features you may need. So, there should be something for pretty much any budget out there.

Users of previous versions of C4D should feel right at home with R9 as the overall interface remains the same but is tweaked here and there to make things even more intuitive. New users should find the C4D fairly easy to learn and get used to. The interface is one of the best things going for C4D as it really lowers the learning curve, especially when compared to other 3D programs out there.

The Heads-Up Display feature is new to R9 and puts valuable object and scene information right on top of everything which makes it very easy to adjust settings without having to navigate a zillion extra menus. The HUD is also very customizable so you can figure out what items you work with most and add them to the HUD without cluttering up the work area.

Clothilde is the new cloth engine which is part of the MOCCA module and allows for some amazing cloth simulations. Here is an example of the cloth simulation at work and shows how complex effects like the tearing of cloth can be achieved with very little effort.

Character modelers and animators will love the Dress-O-Matic feature of Clothilde. It makes dressing your characters a breeze. It’s amazing to watch these cloth simulations and this feature alone could occupy a review.

The Sub-Poly Displacement feature is part of the Advanced Render module and allows you to take 2D images that can be rendered in three dimensions. One of the most obvious uses is to create mountains and other landscape features, but SPD can be used on any object where you don’t want to load up on unneeded polygons.

For example, say you have a character that needs to remain on the low poly side but you have a few scenes where you have an extreme close up of the face. You could use the SPD feature to add pimples, craters, fur, etc to the face of that character. It’s also great for creating gouges and scratches in surfaces and making brick walls look like … well … brick walls.

Even with all of the possibilities, we still just enjoy the Bryce like ability of creating really cool mountains out of nothing.

One of the biggest new modeling features of R9 is the inclusion of N-gons. An N-gon is a polygon that has more than four corner points. The idea is that they help keep your mesh cleaner and make it easier to work on. Just take a look at the before (left) and after (right) images below to see the difference N-gons can make.

We have always liked the animation system of C4D, and that has gotten even better with the new Motion Blending feature of MOCCA. Motion Blending allows you to create very complex animations by combining separate movements while keeping the transitions between them very smooth.

For example, if you need to take a character and have it run down a hall and make a jump at the end you can now load the running animation and the jump animation and use the Motion Blending system to combine the two into a one seamless and fluid animation.

While we could go on and on about all of the new features in Cinema 4D R9, as there are over 100 new items, but we have to stop at some point so hopefully this gives you a good idea of some of the major new items available.

Overall, we don’t have anything bad to say about R9. You even get a fully colored 170 page quick start guide; a great CD based tutorial system that shows you how to create a complete and complex animation from scratch, and a huge PDF help file that explains every little detail of C4D.

C4D is a great program with a full feature set at a very low price. While it may not be as popular as 3ds max or some of the others, it is just as powerful and probably easier to use and will probably catch up to the big boys in no time.

Bottom line, if those of us at were stranded on an island and could only bring one 3D application with us it would be Cinema 4D.