Dreamscape Starship 2000 A Ultra V14 3d models 

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3D Models Dreamscape Starship 2000 A Ultra V14

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Keywords: beechcraft, starship, rutan, ultra, 2000a, twin-engine, turboprop, propeller, canard, aircraft, plane, executive, corporate, private, detailed, cockpit, animatable
Category: 3D Models > Aircraft > Airplane - Civilian > Private Propeller
Summary: Dreamscape Starship 2000 A Ultra V14 3D Models
The Beechcraft Starship was easily the most modern design of its time. Designed by Burt Rutan it favored many of the design features of his popular home built experimental aircraft.
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Full description
The Starship used a long combination delta and swept wing design combine with vertical stabilizers mounted at the wing tips. It used a high aspect ration and low drag aerodynamics to keep performance high. The pusher twin engine turbo prop used highly efficient 5 blade propellers and low drag nacelles. The retractable landing gear and a very slick cylindrical fuselage with a long sleek nose further reduced drag. The canards were active as flight controls but also used variable geometry to reduce stall speeds and increase safety margins when landing. The appearance of the aircraft was such that sitting on the ramp it looked like it could break the sound barrier.

Equipped with the latest avionics and control systems and a composite construction were all state of the art for design and manufacturing for aircraft. Seating eight with pilot and copilot it fit nicely into both the executive transport, air ambulance and personal or family transport.

The Starship is popular with pilots and passengers with its fast cruise, long range and comfortable space-age surroundings. The Starship ceased production when Beechcraft went out of business and its assets were sold.

This model is built in extreme detail. The cockpit includes every toggle switch, circuit breaker and control. It also includes navcom radios, DME, GPS, Autopilot and glass cockpit instruments. Seating, bulkheads and interior spaces are also modeled and textured giving a good realistic appearance for the model inside and out.

The model includes animatable propellers, retracting landing gear and doors, and all control surfaces. Wing fences, and static lines are also modeled. The radio antenna array, GPS and other antennas are all modeled. Taxi and landing lights are included in the model on both nose gear and wing tips. Nav lights and beacons are also evident.

This model comes fully textured and with all textures and materials as shown here.
This is an ultra detailed model and was built from scratch without any use of materials or modeling from our medium poly version of this airplane. This model was built specifically to be programmed for Microsoft Flight Simulator and other programs. It was built for Archangel Productions who will be releasing the model fully programmed in September 2010 for sale to Flight Simulator X fans.

We know that you will enjoy the extreme detail and level of care that went into this model. It is available in several formats for your download.