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3D Models Comet  
3D Model Information Product ID: 2703
Keywords: comet, captain, future, anime, trickfilm
Author: Sven Dännart | Author's web site
Added on: 11/13/2004
Downloads: 1553
Category: 3D Models > Space > Spacecraft (scifi)
Summary: Comet 3D Models
Captain Futures Spaceship "Comet" (from the TV Series "Captain Future")
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Available files and versions
3D Studio (.3ds) - Version: 3 @ 177Kb
Lightwave (.lwo, .lw, .lws) - Version: 7 @ 101Kb

Geometry: Polygonal
Polygons: n/a
Vertices: n/a
Textures (?): Yes
Materials (?): No
Animated: No
Jointed: No

Available images
3D Models, Textures, and Stock Photography comet_1.jpg
3D Models, Textures, and Stock Photography comet_2.jpg
3D Models, Textures, and Stock Photography comet_3.jpg