Dreamscape SPAD S-VII V07 3d models 

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3D Models Dreamscape SPAD S-VII V07

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Keywords: biplane, spad, s7, svii, wwi, ww1, military, fighter, aircraft, airplane, plane, animated, propeller, animatable
Category: 3D Models > Aircraft > Airplane - Military > Fighter
Summary: Dreamscape SPAD S-VII V07 3D Models
The SPAD VII was built in France for most of the Allies during the middle to late era of World War One.
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Full description
It was powered by a 175 hp Hispano Sueza V-8 liquid cooled engine.It was fast5, agile and sturdy.Eddie Rickenbacker, Capt. USA flew many missions in these to become the US top ace with 32 victories.Many allied pilots became aces in these aircraft.

This model was built near to scale.It insludes and animated propeller, animatable ailerons, elevators and rudder.The paint scheme is of a French unit during WWI.This model is fully textured and comes with all materials required. This model was updated with higher quality geometry and textures in May 2010. It is now also available in 13 formats below.