Dreamscape B-52-G Stratofortress V03 3d models 

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3D Models Dreamscape B-52-G Stratofortress V03

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Keywords: aircraft, plane, airplane, bomber, military, strategic, nuclear, tactical, boeing, b52, b52c, stratofortress
Category: 3D Models > Aircraft > Airplane - Military > Bomber
Summary: Dreamscape B-52-G Stratofortress V03 3D Models
The B-52 was designed as a continental strategic bomber for the US Air Force.
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Full description
It was designed and built by Boeing Aircraft Begining in 1958.It was the largest bomber in the world and capable of carrying multiple nuclear weapons in various forms.It is also capable of carrying conventional bombs in very large quantities in interior bombays and on wing pylons.These aircraft weight over 475000 pounds.The continue in service with the US Air Force in later versions.The G and H models were modifications to allow the USAF B-52s to operate at very low level on missions as it had become evident that the USSR had improved there aerial defences at mid to higher altitude.Engines, radar and avionics, ecm and other changes were made.

This model was built near to scale.it is fully textured and very detailed.This model has animatable turbines and all control surfaces as well as landing gear and landing gear doors.It comes with all the materials and textures as shown.This is a complete newly built model for Dec 2006 to replace an older model from 2004.It is of higher quality and better textures than the earlier model.