Ceramic Tiles Rectangular CERM046.jpg Texture 

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Texture Ceramic Tiles Rectangular CERM046.jpg  
Texture Information   Product ID: 1574
Keywords: ceramic, cermtex, retro, modern, tiles, architecture, building, wall, exterior, seamless, tile, photo
Author: Texturama
Added on: 10/12/2004
Category: Textures > Tiles / Mosaics > Tiles (ceramic, etc)
Summary: Ceramic Tiles Rectangular CERM046.jpg 3D Texture
Texture map tiles very well.
High-resolution, high-quality and clean tileable texture.
Made to tile pleasantly.
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Available files and versions
JPEG (.jpg, .jpe, .jpeg) - 106Kb

Width: 1599
Height: 514
Color depth: 24 bit
Tileable: Yes
Alpha channel: No
Animated: No
Multiple layers: No

Full description
About Texturama textures:
-Lens-distortion-free (no barrel or pinch distortion)
-perfectly square and most are seamlessly tileable
-cleaned from chromatic aberrations
-free of lighting gradations, ensuring perfect tiling
-subtle weathering details while ensuring tileability
-JPEGs using the highest quality settings (90-100%)
-crop out sections or rows of detail if you like

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