Dreamscape OV-10 Bronco USMC 4 3d models 

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3D Models Dreamscape OV-10 Bronco USMC 4

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Keywords: airplane, aircraft, airplanes, military, recon, observation, attack, fire, fighting, civilian, laison, photo, turboprop, rockwell, ov10, bronco
Category: 3D Models > Aircraft > Airplane - Military > Recon / Surveillance
Summary: Dreamscape OV-10 Bronco USMC 4 3D Models
The Rockwell OV-10 Bronco was used during the 1960s through the 1990s as an airborne observation
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Full description
And attack platform.It served in the US Air Force and Marine Corps as well as many allied forces.It is powered by two turbo prop engines and with its short high lift wing is very manuverable and fast climbing.It served in Desert Storm with the USMC.After being decommissioned, some have been converted into light fire fighter aircraft for CDF and other agencies.NASA has also used them for experimentation and atmospheric studies.

This model was built near to scale.It is fully textured and comes with all textures and materials shown here.It has many animateable features including landing gear, landing gear doors, rudders, elevator, ailerons and flaps.The Props are already animated.This model is very detailed and looks great in animations.