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3D Models Wall Floor Tiles 3D Textures  
3D Model Information Product ID: 137460
Keywords: 3d textures, wall, floor, tiles, brick
Author: KamikaziUk | Author's web site
Added on: 9/7/2009
Downloads: 60
Category: 3D Models > Architecture > Elements
Summary: Wall Floor Tiles 3D Textures 3D Models
3D Textures for use with any project. These can be rendered to produce 2D Textures or used as props.
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Available files and versions
Max (.max) - 120Kb

Geometry: Unknown
Polygons: 1190
Vertices: 1320
Textures (?): No
Materials (?): No
Animated: No
Jointed: No

Full description
The main aim of this model is for anyone to be able to modify these in 3D to make 2D Textures. These models arn't skinned but are quite low-poly for use in any product.

You could also use these for props in a level for a game.

In the pack:
- 1 Floor Tile
- 1 Metal Wall with Pipe
- 1 Brick Wall
- 1 Concreate Wall