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3D Models Lee Enfield Rifle

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Keywords: rifle, gun, lee enfield, enfield, smle, ww2, ww 2, short, mkiii, wwii, war, bolt action, max, lightwave, modo, magazine, 303, short bayonet, round, fire, india, britain, cbi, ibt, british empire, army, shoot, weapon, battle, indian police, commonweath
Category: 3D Models > Weapons / Armor > Guns (Small Arms) > Rifle
Summary: Lee Enfield Rifle 3D Models
Rifle, Short, Magazine, Lee Enfield No 1 MkIII*
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Full description
The Rifle Short Magazine Lee Enfield No1 MkIII* SMLE is one of the longest serving rifles in continuous production, and is still in service. It was in service with the British army from 1895 until 1957 as the standard weapon, continuing in service in small numbers until the 1990s.

It can still be found in use in various parts of the old Empire & Commonwealth. Notably the Indian police service.

This rifle represents the No1 rifle, which was in use from 1907. It was later replaced in the British army with the No.4 rifle, around the middle of WWII. That version can be identified by its protruding barrel, and flip up rear sight, and short spike bayonet.

The model has a working bolt action, with a text file describing the necessary moves.

Poly counts are in triangles, and for the mesh before subdivision.

2 303 rounds are included, as is the bayonet.

For best results, add a reflection or environment map / HDRI.