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3D Models Sony APM 090 Speakers

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3D Model Information Product ID: 118014
Keywords: Monitor speaker, Sony, Electronics, Sounds, Home Theater, satellites
Category: 3D Models > Electronics > Audio
Summary: Sony APM 090 Speakers 3D Models
Natively modeled in 3ds Max 6, APM-090 is basically a monitor speakers intended for travelers for use with their CD players. It can also serve as a monitor speaker for computers.
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Extremely lores is how I would best describe this model. A single speaker uses only 69 polygons. I would have added more polygons, but then it only makes a barely noticeable improvement in image quality. So I leave it as it is. There are no smoothing groups either. The file comes with a texture maps, transparency map and a bump map.

For those who would be recreating the materials in other 3d modeling program, here's how to retrieve them:
The case comes with a semi-gloss silver paint. The grill is a very dark gray. Set the specular and glossiness level to make it as shiny as desired. The grill comes with a transparency map. UVW coordinates are already created but if this is not the case with your 3d modeling program you may scale it similar in size to the previews. The bitmap for this is tileable so adjusting the UVWs should be pretty much straightforward. And finally, assign some self illuminating properties on the LED. Probably 50-75%.

APM-090's real-world Dimensions are 96x87x143mm for the width,length and height respectively.

I hope that you'll find this product useful, as much as I enjoy building them.