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My First Product!
Hi all! I'm new on the I'm Ranez. I'm 15 years almost 16! old and I live in The Netherlands. I am doing 3D modelling for a couple of years. I made in that period a lot of 3D models. One time I thought about it to delete them all, because it is a waste of space. Then I heard about selling it on the internet! I immediately made an account on the 3Dstudio. I picked an old bookcase model and I refined it so it was good for selling! I rendered a few images, exported the file and then, finally... I put it on the online!=D I am really happy to see my 3Dmodel, as a real product online:! Now it's time to refine some other old models and make new ones, so I can put more online! I just have to wait that someone buys my bookcase..

PS. Is it possible to accept Custom Requests?

Thanks for reading,


It's been a long time..

Hi all!
It was almost two years ago since I made my first product..
What I've been doing al that time? I worked on my school and played a lot on the drums, but I never stopped modelling!
I'm 17 years old now and worked a long time on a new model:
I think it worked out pretty well actually, worth the effort I guess.
But there it stands now next to my 3 bookcases, which I made 2 years ago haha.
So what do you think of the model? And is the price to much/less?
I do love to hear some feedback from you!
Thanks for reading,

Reader comments:

Lisa @ @ 12/17/2011 8:49 AM
Welcome, Ranez! We are glad to have you and your models here at and hope to see more your models as you create them.

Starting a blog is a good way to bring attention to your models.

If you have not already done so, remember to read Matt's selling tips and also check the reports on last 100 searches which might help you get some idea for future models.

Good luck!

smicha @ 2/15/2012 1:20 AM
Your work is incredible. I love it! Could you please tell us how much time did you spend on the reconstruction of the Colosseum? Could you also share the sources/books/links with dimensions of the model.

Great work!


Ranez @ 2/15/2012 9:09 AM
Thanks smicha! I'm glad you like it =)

The Colosseum took me very long though..
I think it took me a month/ 2 months if I worked on it al day?
I first made a simple version for a school project, that model took me about 17 hours. Then the hard part came when I decided to refine it and make everything perfect for selling. That took me verryy long! (I sold it 5 months later from the day my school project ended, but I didn't work on it all the time ofcourse)

For some of the sources (pictures), I suggest you visit this page:
I started a thread about it there, so if you like more information, it is fun to read:) (My username there is 'JVI')
For other sources, like dimensions, I used some internet sites. For example I looked up the Wikipedia page and then looked up the sources. But I don't know exactly which sites I used.. I also used my schoolbooks. But the problem was that there were different dimensions on different sources. The differences were like 0,5 meters, so nothing to worry about. But I still decided to take the average dimensions of all the sources I used.

Thanks for reading and I'm really glad you like it!


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