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NBTY-EGYPT: Pharaoh Royal Ship New Kingdom

Ancient Egyptian Pharaoh Royal Ship New Kingdom
Ancient Egyptian New Kingdom Royal Ship Model A [Pharaoh's own ship]. 2 ships ready for both South and North travel. Real ropes and Sails, and with Animation ready NURBS. 43 & Alternate Photoreal Textures.
Ancient Egyptian New Kingdom Royal Ship Model A [Pharaoh's own ship], according to the ancient Egypt wall paintings and the archaeology evidence.
The Royal Ship was used on the Nile, in the oasis, lakes [Fayum], in the wetlands and lagoons.

The sail was used to travel South, whereas oars and oarsmen were needed to travel North. You find, in the package, 2 ships ready for both South and North travel and:

2 different sets of wood textures [dark and light] in order to easily customize the model and build 2 different types of royal ship;
9 different hieroglyphs Pharaoh's names to customize the textures and the ships;

3 textures templates to easily create diversified models;
2 Animation Ready NURBS Sets sail and ropes for your animations of sail and ropes [C4D] with Animation tutorial.

In the package you will find:
1- 1 full and complete model of Royal ship with hoisted sail for a South travel [1]
2- 1 full and complete model of Royal ship with lowered sail and oars for a North travel [2]

3- 2 NURBS C4D files to create animation of sail and ropes with tutorial [3]
4- Full and complete set of ropes, all modeled and ready to be animated [4]
5- Modeled cabin interiors and rudder [5]
6- Movable cabin door [6]
7- Removable wood cabin wood panels for the main windows [7]

8- Tutorials to use and duplicate oars, to use sail and rudder with position of people when on board [8]
9- 2 gold decorated castles [9]
10- 2 complete alternate textures set for the ship wood [1 dark wood; 1 light wood] [10]
11- 9 texture hieroglyphs names of New Kingdom Pharaohs to customize the ship and build up to 9 different types of ships [11]

12- Textures Templates to customize textures [12]
13- Real Modeled Ropes and Sails [No fake textures] [13]
14- 26 Ancient Egyptian typical tholepin grommets for the oars [14]

15- 43 PhotoReal Hi-DEF textures with a double set of wood materials [dark and light] [2048x1732; 1900x2500; 1100x1700; etc.] [15]
16- Man Reference Model [1.70 m] [16]
17- Txt Guides [17]

Models Polygons and Vertices [VUE and 3DS] for C4D and OBJ Polygons are [ca /2]:
Royal Ship A with hoisted sail [655488; 431213]
Royal Ship Ab with lowered sail [925310; 584317]



The NBTY 3D series is developing high-fidelity 3D reconstruction of Objects, Architecture and Scenes from Ancient Egypt and Middle East Antiquity.
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