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My First Product!
Hi all! I'm new on the I'm Ranez. I'm 15 years almost 16! old and I live in The Netherlands. I am doing 3D modelling for a couple of years. I made in that period a lot of 3D models. One time I thought about it to delete them all, because it is a waste of space. Then I heard about selling it on the internet! I immediately made an account on the 3Dstudio. I picked an old bookcase model and I refined it so it was good for selling! I rendered a few images, exported the file and then, finally... I put it on the online!=D I am really happy to see my 3Dmodel, as a real product online:! Now it's time to refine some other old models and make new ones, so I can put more online! I just have to wait that someone buys my bookcase..

PS. Is it possible to accept Custom Requests?

Thanks for reading,


Question About Views..

Hey all!
I was wondering; is it possible to see your views for each product apart? i have around the 350 views of my products now and i do like to see them seperated by product.
Thanks in advance!

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