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Black Hole Visualization

Inspired by the recent movie "Interstellar", I created this animation of a black hole similar to their Gargantua in 3DSMAX. You can view it on Vimeo or Youtube.

Brain Controlled Helicopter

Demo booth for a mind controlled helicopter drone!

Makerbot 3D Printer @ Game Developer's Conference

Stopped by the Makerbot booth to checkout their various 3D printers in action. Got some quick vids with my 3D camera.

Cubify 3D printer in action in 3D

Video of the Cubify 3D printer, printing out a basic 3D primitive.

Delicate Time Lapse

Here is a time lapse rendering of the delicate arch asset done in Vue Infinite software.

Radar Station

Rendering of the Radar Station asset in action. This rendering was done using Vue software. The asset is in Max 8.0 format:

Happy New Year MMXIII

Happy New Year 2013!
I did this short animation on the last day of 2012 in celebration of the New Year! 
You can download the clip on Vimeo if you have any use for it. 
Best wishes in 2013 Everyone ! ! !

A Grand Flythrough

A short Vue flythrough of the Grand Canyon rendered in Stereo 3D.

A Penny For Your Weight

This is a model of an antique lollipop penny scale. It's a real time asset that is under 3k polygons and uses two textures for its material. Here is a quick preview on vimeo.

Playing with the Portal Gun...

Video of a group of friends playing with the gun from the video game Portal. If it existed, I'm sure this is how it would go down.

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