Windmill - fully Textured, medium details

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Windmill, fully textured.
- 2 Texture-Maps (size 5000x5000) include all Surfaces
- Simple Mesh for the main parts - easy to refine
- Subpatched Parts where needed

All Materials have been baked into one bumpmap and one collormap, the bumpmap is used as specularmap, too.

Made for use in Background of scenes, the whole product is at Medium Resolution. Good Quality for far away - for closeups more details or textures can easily be added (aditional UV-Maps are included for easy further Texturing).

Lightwave Model: Other Versions (OBJ, 3DS, MAX) are exported versions and may require additional work on the textures.

Additional Information

3D Printable No
File Types 3ds, lwo, max, obj
Release Date No
More Information No
Artist Name Roman Kessler