Toon Teen Girl Character v3

Subdivision female character

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Subdivision female character modeled in Carrara 4.0 and provided in .car, .3ds, and .obj formats.

The basic subdivision cage consists of near all-quad topology in the native .car format, resulting in very smooth subdivision. Since the exported .3ds and .obj formats are automatically triangulated, smoothed models with two iterations of subdivision are included along with the basic subdivision cage (99,000 facets and 9,900 facets respectively).

Eyes and eye lids are movable, lips are separable, and fingers can be fully articulated. Texture maps for blonde, red, and brown hair, as well as blue, green, and brown eyes are provided.

Multiple texture maps are used at varying resolutions. All maps are included and must be reapplied in .3ds and .obj versions.

The native .car format preserves the bones used to rig the character. The .3ds and .obj versions require manual rigging in the 3D application of your choice.

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File Types 3ds
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Artist Name cbspicer