Solar System & Orbits Animated

Complete solar system with all planets, some moons, star field and sun. with orbits, names and animated.

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This is a very realistic collection of all the planets of our solar system, which are animated orbiting around the sun. In addition the asteroid belt between Jupiter and Mars, Earths moon, Neptune's moon Triton, Saturn's moon Titan and the Dwarf Planet Pluto, Planet names, the Planet orbits and a star field are included.
All planets and the sun are shaded and all textures have very high resolution.
The scene is setup with scanline renderer to provide very fast rendering speed. The quality of animations can even be improved by enabling super sampling in the render rollout

- All planets with high-res texture maps up to 8k resolution which allows close-ups and some have clouds and atmosphere layers
- Neptune's moon Triton
- Earths moon
- Saturn's moon Titan
- visible orbits
- Planets names
- sun
- When rendering via video post sun has an applied lens-fx
- animated solar system with relative orbiting speed and sizes so that overviews of the complete system are possible
- ultra fast rendering using standard scanline render engine
- no plug-ins needed

for some screenshots I applied a post glow filter to the image to make the sun more bright

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