Sexy Mini Skirt Woman Walking 9

AXYZ design - Metropoly Still models

Content: 1 3D Human model
Geometry: Optimized in 3000 faces
Textures: Two levels of detail texture maps(512x152 px and 1024x1024 px)
Format: MAX, OBJ, LWO to ensure compatibility with alm

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Metropoly collections can be viewed from any angle!
Break with the limitations of plain characters!
Perfect for medium distance viewing!
Perfect integration with the rendered image!
Optimized mesh that allows for perfect shadows!
Using our characters, image retouching is almost unnecessary!


aXYZ design offers you a demo free model
You can download it now and test our high quality characters.
Enjoy Axyz-design products and come back for new models!

Additional Information

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Artist Name Gadler Diego