Pteranodon Dinosaur

Pterodactyl Dinosaur that is fully textured and uv mapped non-overlapping. Renderer is Vray Adv 2.30.0 but if you have default renderer it's still fine and looks good. Read full description.

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Includes texture and normal maps.

This model was made for film and renders. Made everything from scratch including textures. Detail was done in zbrush. Normal and texture maps were created in zbrush. Model was rigged in 3ds Max.

Default Scanline Renderer in Max still gives you a real nice render, just put the "texture map 2" diffuse map in the diffuse slot and click on the bump map and then normal map and click on the first slot and find "final normal" only if you're using the default Scanline Renderer. It will still give you real nice renders.

Comes with 2 versions: The animated version and the non-animated version. Both versions are rigged using the biped.

The animation version is animated for 200 frames.

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Artist Name stopher--5534