Medieval Street and Outside Props

Props to put outside in a medieval theme game.

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Outside props. The signs come with .psd files so that you can put your own logos onto them. The blending layer styles are preserved so almost any logo should look alright. Normal maps may have to be tweaked though.

Again, don't be put off by the high poly count. There are lots of detailed and intricate items here, no polygons are wasted check the wireframe shot yourself!

Game ready. Can be used in high quality renderings too.

Items low poly enough to work excellently in any modern game engine. Poly count in tris.

All items have high-resolution normal, spec and diffuse maps where appropriate.
If you find them too high resolution just shrink them!

File Formats:

Screenshots taken in real-time from Cryengine2. Expect similar results in any modern game engine.

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Artist Name Yoshiboy