Lady Justice Statue

Lady Justice Statue

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Lady Justice Statue

Geometry is subdivision friendly. The rendered images were generated with a subdivision level 2 or x2.

Four different realistic materials have been included gold, bronze, iron, and white marble.

Sword and Scale can be removed. The scale is offered with all it's parts and a simple rig is been added to allow balance change with ease, just rotate the 'balance_bar' and the rest will adjust automatically.

In addition to the base mesh the OBJ and FBX version of the file include 2 subdivision level models x1, v2.

Note that in file formats FBX and OBJ the materials and rig are not available.

In real life a statue like this would be very fragile and breakable if made of stone or combined with metal, specially the sword and arms. For more realistic representations you may want to consider using metal looking materials.

Sept 30 2010 update
- added portico object as bonus.
- minor geometry improvements.

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3D Printable No
File Types c4d, fbx, obj
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Artist Name J Garcia