Japanese Castle A & Fortified Pond

Accurate reproduction of a classical Japanese Castle of the feudal Lords Era: type Sotogata-Fukugoshi. Hi-DEF with Fortified Pond & Walls. 28 textures. 5 alternate castle schemes. C4D, 3DS, OBJ, VUE6-7-8.

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Freely inspired by two of the most renowned Japanese Castles, the Kumamoto Castle and the famous XVI century Matsumoto Castle [Japanese National Treasure] and by the traditional Military Japanese Architecture, the 'Japanese Castle Mod. A' is a magnificent hi-definition hi-detailed accurate reproduction of a classical Japanese Castle of the feudal Lords Era.

The 'Japanese Castle Mod. A' is a typical Sotogata [i.e. 'multi-leveled tower type'] - Fukugoshiki [i.e. Compound] with a smaller donjon or yagura to which it is directly connected and which is located in the frontal part of the castle.

The Roof, the Under-Roof and the tiles have been finely and accurately modeled, every single piece of them!, following the typical Japanese XVI century style and using the famous typical killer whale talismans [shachi] for the ending parts of the roof-tops.

The 'Japanese Castle Mod. A' is the only sumptuous building where your daimyo [feudal Lord] can appropriately live surrounded by his Samurais, his court and his soldiers.

In the Package you will find:
A-Photoreal Japanese Castle A [C4D, 3DS, OBJ, VUE6-7-8]
B-Photoreal Japanese Castle Fortified Pond [C4D, 3DS, OBJ, VUE6-7-8]
C-Photoreal Hi-DEF details [Roof, Underroof, Tiles and shachi talismans]
D-At least 5 different Alternate Textures Schemes to create at least 5 different types of Castles
E-Set of 14 alternate pre-set materials for VUE6-VUE7-VUE8
F-28 Hi-DEF Textures from 600x1600, 800x700, to 410x410 [Walls, Wood, Rock, Grass, Moss].

CASTLE A Polygones and Vertices:

CASTLE FORTIFIED POND Polygones and Vertices:

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The JIDAIG 3D series is developing high-fidelity 3D reconstruction of Objects, Architecture and Scenes from the Chinese and Japanese World.

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