Argo Ancient Greek Boat Penteconter

Very high resolution, detailed model of the Argo, an Ancient Greek ship of fifty oarsman. Both the rowed and the sailing version are included, along with a stern wake and bow wave. A human character is included for purposes of reference scale.

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This is an accurate scale model of an Ancient Greek penteconter, a monoreme that is as close a representation of Jason's Argo as possible. The model is based on a close reading of the relevant scientific texts described in an attached *.pdf document. The model is detailed enough to be suitable for purposes of advertising, film production and professional artwork. It is formed of cleanly laid quads, and high resolution wood textures that are carefully mapped onto the model. It has been carefully cleaned of all unnecessary polygons, and it is suitable for professional editing as might be needed. The water features bow wave and stern wake were developed in Realflow and are physically accurate models of foam.

A penteconter is a ship designed to be rowed by 50 people, or sailed, and this model set includes both versions. The Argo was created, according to legend, to help Jason and the Fifty Argonauts search for the Golden Fleece. The included document briefly recounts this old Greek story. The Argo reputedly had several special features. According to legend, the bow timber was cut by Athena from the sacred oak trees of Mt. Pelios, and had magical properties. It could foretell the future, and locate the path the Argo needed to take in Jason's search. It also had a long keel and large stern stem. This model has a completely accurate sailing rig, including the standing and running rigging, and the brail system for managing the sail. When a Greek vessel of this type was being rowed, the mast and sail yard were taken down and bound to the rowing benches and center deck. This is represented in the rowing version of this ship.

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