Ancient Egypt OK Archer Props Poser Daz

Egyptian OK Archer Props Set with 19 typical Ancient Egyptian OK archer props. All 3D models ready for POSER James and Simon G2 and free DAZ Michael 4. Faithful and accurate Reconstruction. C4D, 3DS, OBJ, POSER, DAZ, VUE6-7-8-9-10!

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Real World Scale Model [SmartCgArt Real World System]. Quads [C4D; OBJ; POSER/DAZ] & Tris [VUE;3DS].

Collection of 19 3D Models with 49 Photoreal and Alternate textures.
3 complete Props Sets ready to be used with POSER [James, Simon G2] and DAZ [free Michael 4 character][DAZ is a free Software].
All bows Morphs Animated!

Faithful and accurate Reconstruction of an Ancient Egyptian Old Kingdom Archer Props Set to create an Old Kingdom Archer, according to the Ancient Egypt wall paintings and the archaeology remains and evidence.

SmartCgArt is Member of Archaeological Institute of America [AIA].

OK Archers didn't use quivers. When necessary, they used to carry arrows in their hands.
OK Archers usually had a cowrie shells amulet, to protect themselves.
KitBags were used to carry Spare Bow Strings.

In the package you will find:
1- typical Ancient Egyptian OK Linen Kilt Type C 'Belt and Kilt' [Archer linen Kilt];
2- typical Ancient Egyptian OK Linen Kilt Type B 'Belt and Kilt' [distinguished people linen Kilt];
3- 5 typical Ancient Egyptian Arrows with 5 typical different Arrow heads;
4- 3 typical Ancient Egyptian Old Kingdom Bows with 5 OpenBow Positions and 5 Morphs for Poser/DAZ;
5- 1 typical ChestLinen;
6- 1 typical Ancient Egyptian Archer KitBag;
7- 1 typical Ancient Egyptian ThumbGuard;
8- 1 typical Ancient Egyptian WristGuard Bracer;
9- 1 typical Cowrie Shells Amulet;
10- 1 spare Bow String;
11- 1 typical OK Archer hair-dressing;
12- Complete SET ready for POSER 6 and Up JAMES character;
13- Complete SET ready for DAZ free MICHAEL 4 character;
14- Complete SET ready for POSER 7 and Up SIMON G2 character;
15- 49 Hi-Quality Hi-Def PhotoReal Textures [2000x4000; 1200x800; 1024x2048; 1024x437; 1000x1000; 1024x512; 512x512; etc.];
16- Alternate Textures to create different types of elements;
17- Advanced visual guide to Eyes and Eyebrows Egyptian Make-Up with 4 ready templates;
18- Visual guide to typical Egyptian Suntan Skin Colour with 5 ready templates;
19- Egyptian Metal guide;
20- Advanced .txt guides to the correct Ancient Egyptian rendering;
21- Real World Scale SmartCgArt Man Reference System with models [C4D, VUE, 3DS, OBJ, DXF].

All the Models are prepared Hi-DEF and Photoreal, perfect for any type of Rendering!

POLYGONS/VERTICES COUNT [complete all models Package]
C4D-OBJ-POSER/DAZ: only/mostly quads [82071; 81581]
VUE-3DS: triangulated [160846; 81581]


The NBTY 3D series is developing high-fidelity 3D reconstruction of Objects, Architecture and Scenes from Ancient Egypt and Middle East Antiquity.

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